What gaming companies were much better in the past?

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Capcom and Square immediately come to mind.

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RARE. Nintendo. Sevastopol. Sevastopol = sega on my kindle I guess.

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Almost any company that was bought by EA (Maxis, Westwood, Bullfrog)

Konami, Squaresoft, Rare

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Capcom only because of them releasing an updated version of a game I bought the year before after that I stopped buying there games

Intelligent Systems :(

miz1q2w3e said:
Intelligent Systems :(

Didn't like the new Paper Mario?  They have been doing wonders on the 3DS eshop though (Pushmo/Crashmo).  They also seem to stay true with Fire Emblem.  Just need another Advance Wars.

damn near all of them especially the japanese ones

What do you mean? Game companies that are still around or game companies that are now defunct but used to be big?

Out of the game companies that are still around: Sega, Rare, Capcom, Square, Konami, Namco, LucasArts Midway, Id software, 3d Realms, Insomniac games THQ. Basically almost every game company tanked after the recession.

Out of the companies who aren't around that are worthy of mention: Atari, Core, Gt Interactive, Accolade, Acclaim