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Ok, so i have $20 spare from my pay and ive decided to try out final fantasy for the first time ever

"yes i know lol"


Anyways, i have no clue which game would be the best to start off with :S so i'm kinda stuck.

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Well, if you wanted to start from the beginning you could pick up Final Fantasy Origins. I think that's on PSN. It has enhanced versions of the first two games. However, I would recommend playing the games in their original form without all the bells and whistles added in later. But that's just because I have a hang-up about that.

Otherwise, I think starting with Final Fantasy IV is the best option. But I'm unsure if that's on PSN.

I think the best final fantasy game was FFVI (FF3 in the US). If you want something more recent I would say FFVIII, cause it was an improvement on every aspect that made FF games great - I especially liked the "Draw System", which made the game fun and accessible.

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I'd say start with IX actually. It's traditional, it's fairly straight forward (no fiddling around with materia or junctions) and it's very good.

I always recommend people start with VII (it's where I begun), but graphically the game has aged a lot worse than VIII or IX, or indeed any of the SNES-era games. If you can put up with the graphics though, it's a very good game and well worth your time.

VIII is my favourite Final Fantasy game of all time though, I'm just not sure it's the best place to begin.

9 or 7
If 6 is on the PSN get that maybe too.
Don't start with 8 - Its system is completely different to the others and won't mirror the "usual" Final Fantasy System/Formula at all.
Especially the Junction system at everything else is pretty unique to FF8.

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I don't mind terrible graphics, half of my PS3 games are downloaded PS1 games :p

Anyways, i think i might start off with Final fantasy IX, then work my way from there :)

Thanks for the suggestions Btw :)

The best Final Fantasy game on PSN is the one that is always on 1st place in the store. Final Fantasy VII. It is the most downloaded Final Fantasy game on PSN. It is also my personal favorite as well.

I'd start with Origins personally, and work my way up. It's how I lived it and you seem to be okay with classic games, so you'd be in good soil.

Anyways, then I'd suggest FFiv and FFvii.

FF IX. I downloaded it over the summer and played it on PSP while hooked up to my TV, and it's one of the best turn-based games I've ever played. I loved it.


FFVI or FFIX. I would not start with FFVII, it has aged horribly (not in the good way like VI)