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Dear 3DS owners (or future 3DS owners),

French journalists eager to play this cross-over posted quite harsh reviews of it during the holiday period.

Gamekult 6/10

+ Ace Attorney returns, astonishing graphics, 25 hours, new trial system, sense of humor, music

- boring at times, too easy, too much useless chat

Gameblog 2/5

+ music, good 3D modeling, free DLC, long game

- worst Ace Attorney ever, worst Layton ever, Phoenix's Japanese voice, too much useless chat, story

I lament those reviews. As I recently finished the game and reviewed it myself, I do reckon those scores are far too harsh, not to mention that the gameblog review is poorly written (the guy even accusing the game of being misogynitsic WTF!??). Even if it was indeed a little easy, the story was still extremely good imho and the trial part was fun too. I hope it doesn't jeopardize the release of the game in the west.

What do you think? Would it deter you from getting the game or a 3DS for it?

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Two reviews will hardly sway my hype for the game. Maybe if they were reviews from people I actually listen to; but still. The game looks awesome and it's practically a must-buy for me if we ever see it (and I expect we will).

OMG! BRB. Cancelling my preorder.

Pezus says 6/10is good. So you are wrong sir! WRONG!!!!!

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I think the crossover hype among fans will give it the momentum to carry over.

How is it being received in Japan currently? If it really tanks over there, that could stop it.

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It's Level 5 so anything can happen.

These two French sites are right. No wonder the game has disappointing sales. It seems to be dreadful. I wouldn't be surprised if all future Layton and Ace Attorney games are developed for Vita from now on.

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