Any non 360 owners buying the Nextbox??

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If you are a non 360 owner will you be purchasing the 720??

Yes 65 20.57%
No 153 48.42%
see results 98 31.01%

Microsoft has not shown me a single exclusive title that I'd like to play, except Shadow Complex. Their strategy for development has either been too testosterone driven or too inane to warrant a purchase. Granted, there are several multiplat titles on their system that look interesting enough...but until I see the PS4 and see whether some of those franchises end up on the WiiU, I don't see a reason to purchase another machine.

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tonymarraffa said:
DirtyP2002 said:

fanboy goggles aside there is a very easy rule to follow:

The more console you own, the more awesome it is. PERIOD!

The only right answer in this thread.

Not if you'd like to (or have) a life outside of gaming.  Seriously, there are usually so many games on one system that I'd get nothing else done in this short life I have if I decided to play games from all three systems.  I'm all for this non-fanboy stance, but seriously, there's a sun outside, grass to play in, books to read, board games to play, instruments to learn, etc.

The 360 tripled the sales of the XBox1.. but I think any increase of sales over the XB 360 sales - is still an increase.. Even if they just boost sales 5% worldwide ( I think it'll be more like 10% ) it's really the only advantage they need..
The PS4 can't be dominate without getting North America back.. And that'll be a tough task at hand considering in North America 360 sales are about 43 million versus 25 million PS3's.. The PS2 sales in North America kept it king.. The PS4 will still be 2nd or 3rd place with North America

Given that I don't know anything about it yet, no.
But even if I like it somewhat I still doubt that I would end up buying it.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

we'll have to see what the finalized specs are, but if I have to pay for live, then no.

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I did own the original Xbox, and I loved Halo 2. If the specs are decent enough, and console isn't too expensive, I may take a hard look a it. My main problem with Xbox is paying for Live, and lack of Japanese-style games. I wouldn't rule their next console out though.

How a non Xbox owner sees Xbox:

-Little exclusives
- Pay for online

Offcoruse the poll is what it is. That said, its way too early. MS has been prepping next gen studios for the last couple years, the next hardware will be reliable to avoid any more messy PR blunders (plus Xbox 1 was very reliable, id say MS is due), and MS can implement a PS Plus approach to Live Gold to make the price easier to stomach.

E3 will answer these questions.


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)

I don't really see myself owning an Xbox Durango because Microsoft is probably going to charge me to play online or to access my subscriptions I already pay for ( Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc. ) Plus, they are probably going to shove Kinect 2.0 in my face.

@OP: Microsoft seems to be making a serious effort to invest in more first-party games, which makes the future bright for Xbox 720.

With all due respect to all Microsoft fans, i will never buy an xbox720 because i got burned with the 360 i lost over a 1000$ on it and they all broke in the first 3months.