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For each current gen system you own (lets include Wii too since WiiU still brand new) list the number of exclusives you have for it as well as multiplats.

Some rules: 

- Count retail titles only
- Exclusive means only on your platform, if on any other including PC, on any other platform retail or digital, does not count.
- If a game was a timed exclusive, count it seperately as such
- If a game was released with meaningful additional content (levels, not costumes, minigames or control methods) to other platforms included and ready to play, count it as partially exclusive
- DLC does not factor into this at all
- Backwards compatibility does not count
- HD remastered games only count as exclusive if none of the games are available on other HD consoles (in HD) or PC.  Each collection only counts as one game.
- No counting a digital release game that got retail release in limited countries, unless you live where it is a retail release
- If a game got a GOTY/Ultimate edition you also bought, it only counts once.
- No PS+
- Use whatever is applicable for your region, if only exclusive in your region, partial, if timed only in your region, timed).

- 15 Exclusive
- 4 Timed Exclusive
- 6 Multiplat

- 3 Exclusive
- 1 Multiplat

- 5 Exclusive
- 1 Timed Exclusive
- 13 Multiplat

- 1 Exclusive

- 24 Exclusive
- 1 Timed Exclusive
- 4 Partially Exclusive
- 50 multiplat


My PS3 numbers may be a little low for exclusives and multiplats, I'm doing this by looking at my shelves and I've lent a few games to friends so probably forgetting some as I try to recall them.


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I think I have around a 50/50 split for exclusives vs. multiplats on PS3 actually by looking at my collection quickly. Will count tomorrow after I've got some sleep, just don't want to miss this thread.

Timed Exclusives:3

Why no digital? Can't it be counted seperate like xbla, psn, etc?

Good thread

Oh and do i include playstation + ganes. Like the ones you get for free of the store? and if so do you include all of them or the only ones that you like and actually would have paid for?

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Killzone 2. its not a fps. it a FIRST PERSON WAR SIMULATOR!!!! ..The true PLAYSTATION 3 launch date and market dominations is SEP 1st

Xbox 360

Exclusive: 7

Multiplat: 14



Exclusive: 6

Multiplat: 1



Exclusive: 4

Multiplat: 0


Edit: Changed my Wii list after finding out Twilight Princess counts as multiplatform.

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EX: 35
TE: 6
MU: 4

EX: 6
TE: 1
MU: 3

EX: 25
TE: 5

EX: 3
TE: 5

EX: 7
MU: 1

EX: 7
TE: 10
MU: 12

Former something....

Exclusive 20
Multiplat 37

Exclusive 15
Multi 2

Exclusive 11
Multi 0

Wii u
Exclusive 2
Multi 0


exclusive 12

multi 0



Exclusive 10

multi 0

What do games that are exclusive in our respective regions, but not in others count as?

MentalAlliance said:

What do games that are exclusive in our respective regions, but not in others count as?

good question I was wonderting what to count Tales of Graces f as

PS3 20 exclusives
40+ multiplats
PS Vita 4 exclusives
1 multiplat