Forums - Politics Discussion - American Farming subsidies to end- Obama worst president ever?

Are you prepared to spend 7 dollars on a gallon of milk?

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Are you prepared to realize that Obama is a President and not a Dictator? Blame Congress.

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Worst congress ever?

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Are you prepared to give us more than a lazy one-liner? How about some information on the subject? How about a link or two?

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I understand colonial architecture can all kind of blend together and start to look very similar, but if nothing else it is important to be able to differentiate between at least these two buildings:


If it costs 7 dollars to produce or import a gallon, what is the problem?

Either production costs need to come down or prices need to go up.

I blame video games

If someone ever makes Obama: The Video Game..that will be the biggest offender of all things in this world as we know it

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farm subsidies are for pinko communists. The free market is where it is at.

America has plenty of food. We could feed many nations with what farmers here produce.


Don't blame obama posts.

So we should blame everyone in Congress instead? How about we just blame those who vote for Congress instead. No. Any manager would tell you that blame goes to the top. He does not need to be a dictator to get the job done. You same people probably praised Bush Jr. during his presidency as well.

@ OP

There is no reason for things to be this bad or put off for this long. Time for him to make an executive decision. If he is wrong then we can finally blame him. Hey! At least when we fall off the fiscal cliff without a parachute we will all have obamacare!

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