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Being a Big Kingdom Hearts fan I am scare to see how the Kingdom Hearts 3  ends up. It scares because of the new roster of character that Disney has. Disney bought Marvel we all know that very well. Can you imagine Wolverine in Kingdom Hearts. I cant. I don’t want Disney to add star wars characters in Kingdom Hearts 3 now that Disney bought the rights to star wars new movies.

Square Enix better step their game up and add more final fantasy characters to the new KH3 game. At least lightning should join as well as the crew from FF agito.

The thing about kingdom hearts is that it is such an awesome game and it is so broad that one small thing that they add to the game can ruin it . if you played Kingdom hearts 2 in the world of pirates of the Caribbean then you will know what I mean. The way that world was shown in the game did not look bad however it was still a little weird. Disney is going to try and add characters in KH3 that don’t blend in. In the beginning it was suppose to be Disney characters as well as final fantasy but now marvel and star wars are joining in the gang. This is going to suck.

Can you imagine Sora and Darth Vader fighting? I don’t even want to dream about it.

Dream drop distance has already been release in there United States there will be no more fillers in the franchise that I so love.Now Square is finally ready to release the last installment to the game. Kingdom hearts 3. But they say it wont come out until 2015 or 2016 which pisses me off and yet for square is better to keep the fans anticipated.

What Disney characters would you choose  for the last chapter of kingdom hearts

Release Date

According to Sony there will be a new version of the PlayStation. So the playstation 4 will be coming out either in 2014 or 2015. Not exactly sure when it will be release but one thing is for sure. Don’t take this seriously yet but it seems like Kingdom hearts 3 (III) will be coming out for the playstation 4. This means that Sqaure Enix will be releasing the game along with the launch of the PS4. meaning gamers will spend money on a new console as well as the game itself.

So expect Kingdom hearts 3 To come out on late 2013 or 2014. It will definitely be for the new console(which I am planning on getting and it will be the last installment of Kingdom Hearts it self. No more filler games.

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