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Sitting here reading VG chartz supping a nice cool can of Marstons Pedigree got me wondering what the fine people of VG chartz like to drink whilst socializing or relaxing. so whats your preference??

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Usually budweiser. Micro beers are hit and miss. Red tag and other gin based drinks are good as well.

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Long island iced tea.. The best on a rare occasion. Happy new year vgchartz!

Prefer rum and coke so far.

I tend to prefer sweet drinks, but straight men don't seem to be allowed to drink them, but Rum (or Whiskey) and Coke, along with Margeritas, seem to be the exception to that.

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Expensive red wine. Cab or Merlot.

Don't worry about it Mr. Khan. Sweet drinks are the Shit!

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I've become a beer guy! Used to just be hard liquor but a few crazy nights ended that. Anywho, I love me some Blue Moon!

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I'm a huge sout and porter drinker, best I've had so far is Samuel Smith Double Chocolate Stout (like drinking a chocolate coke), and Eugene from Revolution Brewing in Chicago. On the slightly cheaper side, I also enjoy some wheat beers like Blue Moon.

For the harder stuff, I'm usually a Captain n' Coke kinda guy but lately I've been shifting more towards gin and tonic.

MGD and Jim Beam, but I don't drink.

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