oh my god. 95 % - the best rpg on this generation, its coming.

Forums - Gaming Discussion - oh my god. 95 % - the best rpg on this generation, its coming.

I have it in my watch list, but i have too many games to finish, so I will wait and but it maybe on march-may

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man-bear-pig said:
pezus said:
Here's hoping it receives similar scores from the big sites.

Why? Are you a fan of Ni No Kuni?

Yes and it's good for Metacritic list wars...or rather defense against sales2099's list attacks.

Snovalo said:
Artstyle looks like it's for children, which means I am not buying it. I don't watch children cartoons anymore, even if they might have a mature storyline.

I tried the demo and it's not that fun either. :/

Totally trying to hype up the wrong game

That comment sounds more childish than the artstyle itself...


On topic: I doubt it can be better than xenoblade. But what the hell do I know, I have'nt played it yet so we will see.


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man-bear-pig said:
007BondAgent said:
man-bear-pig said:
Skyrim is the best RPG of the gen.

This is a JRPG and JRPG's suck!

Pokemon kills skyrim in every aspect.

No it doesn't.

You're right, Pokémon don't kill.

gergroy said:
Turkish said:
DirtyP2002 said:

I hate the artstyle to be honest. It is so Japanese and I am not into Manga / Anime at all.

And the 1 review so far is lower than the metacritic of skyrim. I lol'd.

Holy hell there is actually a person who never watched a Ghibli movie? I feel sorry for you

I feel sorry for people that cant respect other peoples opinions.  The ghibli movies are nothing special unless you are an anime fan.

as far an ni no kuni, it isnt on my radar at the moment.  I do like level 5, but this game just seemed too japanese to me.  I will look into it more when it is released, but as of now Im not interested.  I also think that they are going to have a problem with the name of the game here in the US...

That's like saying a movie isn't special unless you're a movie fan. I watched Ghibli movies when I could not be called an "anime fan". I liked them because the movies are incredibly well made and the stories are imaginative and interesting, not because they're anime.

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played the demo and loved it, the moment in the demo we go to that open world i remenber the old finalfantasy games and a tear drop from my eyes :'(

not a day one for me cause i have to finish psplus games, deus ex, sleeping dogs and mafia 2 games first :D


Chandler said:
Who votes what as best of gen?

Anyway, 5 horn rimmed hipster glasses out of 5.

OT: So how is the demo? I've downloaded it, but haven't played it due to my immense PC gaming sessions these days

It'll be hard to top Xenoblade. From what I've seen this won't do it, but it could be a close second.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

I've been waiting for 2 years for this game to be released in the west, and the demo did not disappoint.
Day 1 purchase, a shame that the wizards edition is not available in Canada. It will be the best game this gen. Although I might be a bit biased towards studio Ghibli.

It looks interesting but ill hold out until the review come. I must say the art style is very beautiful.