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Why?? I can understand it may not be what the customer expected, but its only been out a month in my country. You cant judge a console in a few weeks, there will be more games on the horizon, and there must have been something that urged the person to buy it in the first place ( ie promise of future exclusives). I shelled out a fair amount of cash for mine and looked into it in great detail, i dont part with that amount of money for something i would get rid of in a few weeks. Could it be these people need to raise additional funds? ( then why buy one in the first place ) or is it the power of the impulse buy?

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probably knocked up a girl on Christmas Eve and needs the cash for an abortion



Some people are just random. Check out some used car ads, they buy new cars, drive some for a few months clocking a few thousand k's, then sell it off at a massive lost.
Another example is sporting equipment, they'll folk out big dollars for the best bike or kayak, use it once and store it or sell it off.
Silly peoples...

Ha Ha i suppose that is a valid reason :D

Probably got a 360 and most of the games they had on the Wii U plus more with the money they got for the trade in.

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Its a bit early to be trading them in already!?!?!? but maybe it's just not quite what they expected.

kupomogli said:
Probably got a 360 and all the games they had on the Wii U plus more with the money they got for the trade in.

Thats my point, why not just buy a 360 in the first place?? oh well i suppose its a sell for Nintendo so shouldnt complain.

Impulse buyers, Nintendo makes profit assuming they bought a game, the store makes profit and the buyer saves money, all have a win win.. part from Skippy the impulse shopper

Perhaps they were failed scalpers... hope so. Parasites.


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That will show Nintendo! Ha-Ha! .. o wait..