Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Stay Tuned for Big Pokemon News on January 8!

What do you think that this news is? Nothing more than a reveal for Japan only, or worldwide?

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New Pokémon news, huh?
It might be related to what Gamefreak said a few days ago, about the series evolving in 2013. I hope these news will not dissapoint.

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Count me exited

Another spin off.

Whatever news it is, Japan will see it nearly a year before we do.

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All I care about is console MMO or Full rpg. No more colisseums or stadiums. Possibly could accept snap 2...

A Wii U Pokemon Snap game!!....yeah not going to happen :'(

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A Pokemon game similar to the Skylanders games. That would be smart if they did that.....

They're releasing an iOS Pokemon game!

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Nintendo needs as much big news as possible.