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It's been more than a year since the release of Skyward Sword and I always keep hearing people saying is the worst Zelda game or that it didn't lived to expectations.

I want to know why people didn't like the game. In my opinion the game is really good, is by no means my favorite Zelda game but nevertheless is a great game.

I do have some complaints about Skyward Sword:

1- Fi talks too much - I know she is the spirit of the Master Sword and what not but geez shut up! 10x worst than Navi :p

2- Night and Day - when you think about it, Zelda: Skyward Sword only have 3 places where it can be night (Skyloft, the Pumpkin place and Beedle's house) and there isn't much to do in those places, there are some side-quest you can do and you can collect some Gratitude tears (don't remember if that's their official name) but I feel like there is something to be desire about the night. Other Zelda games have a huge world to explore in both night and day and in some games it feels like "different" world with different characters and minigames to do. In SS it feels empty somehow.

3- Lack of exploration - This kinda goes hand in hand with my second point. The sky itself is empty, I mean if you don't collect the Goddess cubes there is no reason to explore the sky. Almost all sky islands are empty but very few to do in them, which is really disappointing.

Those 3 points are the major ones I didn't liked about the game, there are some other minor ones but I would probably be nitpicking.

The surface areas are great and the dungeons are really fantastic (specially the last one). The big problem most people have with the game are motion controls, but honestly I never had a problem with them. The controls were very precise and when they didn't worked I just simple recalibrate the Wiimote and everything was fine again, so I don't know what's the big deal about that.

Anyway, did you liked SS? Did you hated it? Discuss. 

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I really enjoyed it. I don't really hear people saying they hate SS either.

Edit: It's been a while since I finished it. I didn't just sorta enjoy it, I LOVED it XD

The controls.

I know, so hard to believe that people didn't like the Wii motion controls in Zelda, but that's the truth. They were terrible. Let me just hit the damn A button instead of slow motion sword swipes just to get the damn thing to register right.

To this day the only Zelda game I couldn't finish.

No, I never touched the CD-i games.


I love Zelda so much that I hyped the shit out of 3D Dot Game Heroes just because it plays like NES/SNES Zelda.

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Great game, just too different, the best the Wii can do.

I thought it was incredible. I was completely absorbed and by blown away by it. I'll certainly be playing it again in the near future.

That said, the first time I played it (launch day), I was so disappointed (a little devastated) and didnt play for more than an hour or two. When I went back to it in July (when Skyrim had finally loosened its grip on me) I loved it from the moment I began playing. I'd say I was enchanted by it and was till the very end.

Amazing game.

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Feels more like japanese fairy tails than Ultima/Tolkein style fantasy.

Boring story that takes far too much place.



- Disappointing soundtrack
- Too long to start the game and be free to run around and hit things. Though slighly better than TP and WW in this regard, those took forever.

1) The controls.

2) After Wind Waker, Nintendo decided to stop taking risks with mainstream console Zelda games. TP and SS were just way too similar to Ocarina of Time. For whatever reason, Nintendo has this inane reasoning that Zelda games should not waver off too far from what Ocarina of Time did- since it's considered one of the greatest games of all time, and that kind of thing.

I really enjoyed Skyward Sword. One of the better ones imo.

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I enjoyed it too. It's not the best but it's definitely not the worst either.

That said, the thing that kind of 'breaks' the game is indeed the lack of exploration. It's fine when you first get to a location, but once you've done the first quest there, it's done.
Also, the fact that the world was separated into three sections was a bad idea. They should've done something to link 'em all together like in the other games. It was supposed to make the world seem larger in the player's experience, because you have to fly to other regions, but really in reality it works the other way around.

Lastly, the (sword) controls were not bad. They were the best thing about this game! It adds like two million extra layers of depth compared to A-button smashing.

The 'hate' is probably temporary. Twilight Princess's hate cooled down a great bit since Skyward Sword came out. I guess it's the popular thing to hate on the latest title, and praise the others before it. So I guess when the WiiU Zelda comes out, people will say it sucks and Skyward Sword will be regarded as the second coming. This is called the Zelda-cycle .