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So looks like the Wii was overtracked it's not at 20M even with America and Others.

Japan numbers will be interesting, but probably over 30k. 

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Wii numbers in Japan will be more than 30k..

It will break 20 million with Japan numbers. Leo-j still loses bet.

or a ploy to keep us waiting

I was right but will lose bet, but I thought according to NPD NA+canada the wii was overtracked by 200k?


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he was close though with japan it should pass 20 mil

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...yeah,nothing much has changed,it will sell over 30k



Japan sales are 70-80k.

He loses.

Soriku said:
Japan sales are 70-80k.

He loses.

 Are you sure they're that high? I think they'll be higher than 30k but 80K?

Yea he's lost hhaa.