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What Melee Character Best for SSB4?

Pichu 6 5.13%
Young Link (MM) 8 6.84%
Roy 25 21.37%
Dr. Mario 6 5.13%
Mewtwo 46 39.32%
None of them to return 26 22.22%

Out of the 5 characters that didn't make it in Brawl who would you want to have if any be in the next Smash series?

Remember Young link from MM (meaning mask moveset), Roy (different moveset) , etc!

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Roy definetly but , with a little diferent moveset

Mewtwo, he was my main character in Melee, I was really sad when they removed him :(

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All of these characters could just be alternate costumes, especially Dr. Mario and Pichu. None of them require their own character slot and moveset.

I'd love to see Young Link drop by with a unique moveset, though... down+B to put on a mask and transform into Deku/Goron/Zora Link.

I been wanting to see Mewtwo come back into game but I rather have them bring in other characters.

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Dr. Mario i see as a alternate costume like how wario has two, roy should be his own character! Mewtwo should come back he is the most popular (right after pikachu, jigglypuff, and charizard of course)

Duh, Mewtwo lol

None of them - Mewtwo has been replaced by Lucario now (and he will be replaced by something from Gen 5), and the others were really just fillers

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I don't care about those, PLEEEEASE have Lucas in SSB4!!!

None. I would'nt mind seeing Roy again, I feel like their is room for him. As for Mewtwo, as much as I like him, I feel like their is already enough pokémons in the roster (especyaly when it comes to the first 150).

I always thought Pichu was a interesting character with it's risk/reward moveset. But I don't see him making a comeback but I would prefer him over Mewtwo since he is in wave 2.

I would much rather keep Toon Link over Young Link.

As for Dr.Mario. Forget about it, it is clear that ppl are sick of clones, Brawl tried to fix this abit with mixing up clones alot more than in melee. But I don't see them readding a complete clone of a game franchise that we have'nt seen a game for years. I'd like to see Dr.Mario as a costume, but nothing else.


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