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Best in the Series?

Mario Party 4 13.79%
Mario Party 2 7 24.14%
Mario Party 3 6 20.69%
Mario Party 4 1 3.45%
Mario Party 5 2 6.90%
Mario Party 6 2 6.90%
Mario Party 7 0 0.00%
Mario Party 8 3 10.34%
Mario Party 9 4 13.79%
Mario Party DS 0 0.00%

What gave the best performance/most liked/ best delivery in the series?


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Mario Party with Wii controls > the older ones imo
Mario Party 9 > 8
Vote: Mario Party 9

Mario Party 2. Though I move that everything after 3 be completely discounted on the grounds of not having the Bumper Balls minigame :(

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Mario Party 5! What a blast I had playing this game when I was younger. I remember playing this game for hours during weekends sometimes. MP6, however was quite under whelming, it was not anyrhing close to MP5, let alone MP4, which is the second best one, in my opinion.

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3, because it had the best music.

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I have enjoyed all Mario Party games (have yet to play 9 but I'm not too optimistic on that one) so is kinda hard to say. Mario Party 2 was probably the most memorable so I picked that one.

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mario party 3for the win for me! Loved the mini games, most played with friends, simply a blast!! Mario party 2 is second for me!

Mario Party 2 is ahead in the poll by a margin. I never played it, what is it about the 2nd one?

i loved the first one i had ablast playing with my cousins and siblings, the bumper balls and the bowser face arranging game were funny,and the jump the fire rope was fun too, i played some of the new ones but they were meh