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This isn't a doom thread, but an actual question.  Hypothetically what would happen if the Sony dropped the Vita? How would you as a consumer for PS3/PS4/Vita/PSP feel about this?  Would you continue to support their future consoles? 

As I said this is a hypothetical question and I don't believe they will drop it, but I did want to ask since many people do believe they will.

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If Sony dropped the the Vita I don't think it would have very little effect. The games would slow to a trickle but there would be a few more years of games at least. Most consumers wouldn't get pissed because they weren't interested in it in the first place. Only a small niche would be angry and they are probably big enough Sony fans to forget about it by the time the PS4 releases.

Poor sales aside I'm pretty sure sony makes money on the vita so discontinuing it would never happen unless the sales became so poor as to not cover the most basic costs of putting the machine on market.

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It would suck because of the huge potential the vita has, it would also make alot of gamers angry and lose faith in the ps brand. But I guess over time the wounds would heal, We've seen Nintendo's products struggle and have gamers lose interest in there products but they've always bounced back.

Nintendo would lose assertiveness in the handheld market. I imagine their vicious power-plays for 3DS software were in an effort to try to directly eat into PSP's market and prevent its successor from gaining as much of a foothold.

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Why would I not support future Consoles ? The Xbox (which i enjoyed) tanked and i still Bought the 360. Same with the Gamecube (Wii/3ds owner). One product's hypothetical failure doesn't condemn its entire future products.

As long as the future console has 5-6 titles that I'm interested in, I will buy it.

Honestly i cant see it happening.

But loosing a platform would prabably hit the devs the hardest. Especially the smal psp devs, cause i don't think the 3ds would be able to carry the whole psp/vita load.

It might give devs more reason to shift to mobile and tablets...

Not much really.. Sony still has the power to hyper bowl (Not saying they don't deserve too.. as far as tech they are ahead of the competition in most aspects) everything they do.. so even if people lost a little faith in their product.. they will come back anyway.. eventually.. the only thing it would do is make sure not as many games are developed for the Vita.. and possibly make Sony have to work harder to earn Developers trust if they wanted to make another Handheld.. since it is still early in Vita's life for them to drop it this quickly.. there might be some question marks..

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vita supposedly was nearly profitable at launch.
Many confuse being profitable with the entirety of the console being profitable. Two conflicting stories from sony elucidate the situation.
The vita with attach rate, is making money.
The vita itself is predicted to be entirely profitable within 3 years.


Loss on hardware on its own, profitable day one if we think about the entire business.

Sony is not going to nix the vita, especially when euro and dollar forex are growing tremendously.
If we ignore this however, if sony were to drop the vita, it would end them. It would destroy consumer trust and pull them entirely out of the handheld market.
So yeah, again, not going to happen.

I would rage at the fact I can't return it anymore.

Yes I would still buy the next PS console. Sony4Life lulz.


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