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I've got £15 on my eShop account, and I'm looking to buy something!

Problem is, I never seem to have much luck with my eShop purchases (as evidenced by my thread a few months back asking why Prince of Persia ever became popular based on the terrible original). 

Can anybody help me out by suggesting good eShop games that are either out or are coming out in the future (Europe)? :D 

I already own Dillon's Rolling Western and Pullblox/Pushmo btw (great games)

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Try VVVVVV. It's a PC port, and a bit short, but still my favorite indie platformer of all time.

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Well if you enjoyed Pushmo/Pullblox, then I would recommend the sequel Crashmo/Fallblox. I also highly recommend Shantae: Risky's Revenge and Plants vs. Zombies (if you don't have it for PC/Moblile/Every Other System Ever) for DSiWare.

Also... *pokes RadishHead with a stick*

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Mighty Switch Force is great.


I would also recommend VVVVVV and Crashmo...
I just downloaded Crashmo last night and I'm loving every second of it...
I would also recommend The Denpa Men (I don't know if that's available in Europe), as well as Mutant Mudds...
I haven't played it, but I hear Fractured Soul is great...
I'm also a huge fan of the Art Style series, and there are several DSiWare Art Style games, but the only two I've played are PiCTOBiTS and Base 10 (called PiCTOPiCT and Code respectively in Europe)...
They're both great, but I would recommend PiCTOBiTS more...
Art Style is a great series; I wish Nintendo would buy Skip Ltd. already...

Have a nice day...

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Denpa Men. Absolutely brilliant game. There is a Demo, check it out.

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Cave Story and Pushmo

Crashmo, Mutant Mudds, Sakura Samurai, Denpa Men... it depends on what you're looking for -- puzzle, platformer, action, rpg? Or you could wait a couple of months and get Rhythm Hunter: Harmoknight if you're a fan of rhythm games like Bit.trip Runner.

Sakura Samurai
Dillion's Rolling Western.
Denpa Men
Crimson Shroud
Liberation Mainden
Kirby 3D Classic
Kid Icarus 3D Classic
Sonic GG's
Shinobi GG

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mighty switch force, go undead series is fun and cheap if you have somebody to play with
crimson shroud if like RPGs