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Whats the best in the franchise?

F-Zero 15 15.79%
F-Zero GP Legend 1 1.05%
F-Zero Velocity 1 1.05%
F-Zero X (N64) 14 14.74%
F-Zero GX (GCN) 64 67.37%

What gave the best performance/most liked/ best delivery in the series?


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F-Zero GX is the most epic racing game imo, it's also one the fastest racing games. It's my 4th favorite game of all time :p

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hard,story mode,tracks are awesome,sound and every craft drives different

in my opinion a perfect game

oh and its very fast :))

i was very sad to find out that there was no X grand prix like in Fzero X were everytime you played it was a different track but maybe that was only possible on cartridges lol

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Sorry.. I liked the original the best..

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The gamecube one that shit was fast as a mug.

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I liked the orginal more but GX was so accelerating! God they need a wii u version now! It can become the SSB of racing!!! 30people online! Make it Happen Nintendo!

I have to go with GX...
Still one of my favorite games ever...

Have a nice day...

F-Zero GX is the ultimate racing game.

- Awesome music

- Excellent level design

- Balanced AI (not the usual "rubber band" AI, as seen in Mario Kart and previous entries)

- Over 40 differenct vehicles with unique performances

- 4-player splitscreen, in which you can actually kill your friends

- Gameplay is fast as fuck, making driving skills more important than ever

I would easily have bought a Gamecube for this game alone. Pure gaming pleasure

F-zero GX really was/is amazing.

Difficulty is pure torture at times. Hair ripping hard, but WHAT a feeling when you win :)

Plays really well.

Great music.

Incredible graphics engine, it's really quite an accomplishment. Silky smooth at all times, no matter how many vehicles on screen at once. All this and it still looks incredible, no downscaled graphics like the n-64 one.

I really liked the small video clips for each character once you beat a cup on Master mode, it really added for replay value. I'm really hoping for something similar for the next one.

F-zero GX is really a masterpiece.

GX for me, hands down. The visuals and sense of speed are exhilarating.