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So I saw this, and this is so accurate.

The first game is the best! :)


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How about listing the games with pics and a description? :-|

Looking forward to Soul Sacrifice and Tearaway, followed by Killzone. Next year is looking really good for vita, Even more so in japan.

I'd probably add God Eater 2 to that list. I really want the new Killzone title to be good because I like the concept. I want to fight the ISA, damn it.

It's a nice list, but not in that order. 3 exclusives (which 2 of them are new IPs) and the other two being cross-buy, cross-save Playstation exclusives. Nice!

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1 - GTA!! (Hopefully)
2 - Uncharted Vita 2
3 - Tearaway
4 - KZ: Merc
4 - Sly 4

I don't agree with this list. Why put only first party games? Besides I've just tried the Soul Sacrifice demo and it looks pretty lame. I know I'm more of an import guy so my point of view is different but here is my top 5 :

1/ Senran Kagura Shinobi Versus
2/ God Eater 2
3/ Lengend of Heroes - trails in the flash
4/ Tales of Hearts R
5/ Tearaway

I can't wait for Killzone Mercenary!

There's too much up in the air with Vita in 2013 at the moment.

For example, will there be a GTA? I think there will be. Rockstar Leeds have the time and I'd imagine Sony would have asked/paid for it (would be silly not to). But we haven't heard anything, so who knows.

Similarly, there's a slew of Japanese stuff that I'd like to get my hands on (Atelier Totori; Tales of Hearts; God Eater 2 etc.), none of which has been announced as being localised. So again, who knows.

From what we know is coming, though, I'm looking forward to Tearaway and Soul Sacrifice at the very least. I will probably also end up playing Sly Cooper on Vita.