Should we take "Christ" out Christmas?

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Should "Christ" be taken out of this time of Year?

It's a religious Holiday... 189 64.51%
It's not about any Relig... 54 18.43%
I really don't care - wh... 50 17.06%

The word is fine the way it is but I do want to point out that Jesus was born in the spring, not on December 25th. People need not get offended over every little thing though

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Christianity and Christmas are a core component of Western culture and history. You don't have to be Christian to appreciate and celebrate Western culture.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

You forgot to put a "Christmas isn't about religion. 'Christmas' is fine."

I use Merry Christmas and Happy holidays interchangeably, don't pay attention to it. Christmas doesn't have much of a religious meaning to me.
Anyway Happy holidays is essentially the same time as holiday comes from the word hāligdæg which refers to special religious days. As an non-religious agnostic I think it's time to stop using the offensive term holidays!

Xmas is not removing Christ from Christmas as X is the Greek letter Chi, the first of the word Χριστός which translates to Christ. Xmas, in no way is about removing Christ from Christmas. All that being said, Jesus was born in the spring and has absolutely nothing to do the the Pagan Winter Solstice celebration that has come to be known as Christmas. Additionally, Christians account for the minority of people whom I know so I simply say happy holidays as merry Christmas is a bit presumptuous.

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Christmas is a Christian holiday so I say Merry Christmas.

I say happy holidays to people I don't know.

Not sure if it's been said yet but FYI, Xmas is not "removing" Christ. The X is actually a capital Greek letter Chi which was shorthand for Christ way back when. So Xmas is Christmas.

Anyway Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël, etc.

I'm not even religious, but I still think this politically correctness is bs when it comes to christmas.. Just leave it as is, why change it?

And just say merry mas everyone lol

Marks said:
Are you kidding? The whole point of Christmas is the birth of Christ...the reason we give gifts is because the wise men gave gifts to Christ.

That's like trying to take St. Patrick out of St. Patrick's Day or St. Valentine out of Valentine's Day....what's the fucking point?

Man I'm really tired of non-Christians trying to change Christian traditions in a Christian country. You don't hear about Christians going to Israel or Saudi Arabia and demand Jewish or Muslim traditions be changed...so why in America?

Saying happy holidays is MORE THAN SUFFICIENT...we don't need to now disrespect the hell out of Christmas by taking Christ's name out of it.

What, haven't you heard? Male white christians dominated the world for twenty centuries, opressed the hell out of everyone, Sauron style, and should pay for it now. Yeah, some people believe that despite China and India dominating world trade and culture all the way to the late 19th century, and women being held in way higher regard in the west throughout most of history. I blame good old ethnocentrism, only working in reverse this time...