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Should "Christ" be taken out of this time of Year?

It's a religious Holiday... 189 64.51%
It's not about any Relig... 54 18.43%
I really don't care - wh... 50 17.06%

Just recently, an email went around our offices worldwide asking essentially what is the appropriate way to refer this holiday season? Do you say Merry Christmas, understanding that you're celebrating the birth of Jesus? Do you forget religion all together and say something like Happy Holidays? Or do you consciously (or unconsciouly, like I often did)  delete "Christ" and make it Xmas?

Do you have a preference for refering to this time of year? Are you offended by any particular reference to this time of year? I personnally think "Christ" should be kept in Christmas.

Merry Christmas All.

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I say Merry Christmas to everyone. I really don't bother myself with all this politically correct stuff and I've never had a negative response too, just like I wouldn't flip out if someone wished me a happy Hanukkah.

I'll leave you with a 30 Rock quote about the subject:

Happy Holidays...is what terrorists say. Merry Christmas - Avery and Jack

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As an atheist, I don't give a fuck that "Christ" is in the name. I say Merry Christmas without a second thought.

No need to take that part out of the name. If people seriously are offended by it, then all I have to say is "wow".

I don't care at all...I just like the holidays because of the atmosphere and stuff but I don't celebrate "christmas" as a religious thing

In Icelandic the name of Christ is already not included. We say "Gleðileg (Merry/Happy) jól!"

And I definitely don't think of Christmas as a religious holiday (for me). 

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Merry christmas here. To many companies have gone soft and use political correct wording these days in fear of offending someone.



I grew up knowing the holiday as Christmas, and never thought about it as a religious thing.

to me it was all about no school, gifts, and cartoons.

I do not know what to believe ,seeing how no one truly knows his birth date . Christmas to me is about giving and about continuing the tales or folklores about someone giving & hoping to bring a little joy ,love to one life & those around you. As for the eliminating Christ from Christmas is just to much PC tired of all this PC crap . So I will continue to wish people Merry Christmas like have for my entire life & if people are offended they need to just get over it.

So as I have every year no matter who you are I wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Well its an opinion so whether or not you take out Christ is irrelevant because their are probably Hundreds of Millions if not billions who call it Christmas.

I say merry christmas, i don't say happy holidays.

Christmas is about the birth if Christ, not about shopping frenzy and holidays.
It's about forgiving and caring.