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So, how much do you think the Wii U, PS3, PS Vita, Nintendo Wii, 3DS and the Xbox 360 will sell this christmas?


Wii U = 2.3m worldwide

PS3 = 2.9m worldwide

PS Vita = 800K

Wii = 1.1m

3DS = 3m

Xbox 360 = 2.8m

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For the week? I'm confused.......

And 3DS will be over a million, 360 close , then PS3 not too far behind

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What do you mean those numbers you gave are very high for just Christmas.

Is this for December as a whole??

I think this is for the month of December

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3DS - 1st
360 - 2nd

In that case 3DS will be first, PS3 second and 360 third (or PS3/360 about tied for the month - hard to call which one will be on top). WiiU a distant fourth

Wii U
PS Vita

3DS: 3.2 Million
XBox 360: 2.75 Million
PS3: 2.6 Million
Wii U: 1.6 Million
Wii: 1.1 Million
DS: 750,000
PS-Vita: 650,000
PSP : 275,000

Edit: Sales not including December 1st

I meant the whole December.