Forums - Microsoft Discussion - 360 Has Another 10m Seller oh oh oh Guess who ???

Black Ops 2 That is! xD

Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Call of Duty: Black Ops II (X360)
Activision, Shooter
5 9,910,998 9,910,998

With this Week Sales its now above 10m.

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That's 6 now.

The PS2 only had 4. Impressive!

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Congratulations, Activision.


Next week it will hit, not this week!
But Congrats when it comes, Which it obviously is!

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Amazing for 360.

End of the year will have a 20m seller

More to come. TM

Argh_College said:
Amazing for 360.

End of the year will have a 20m seller

If your Talking about Kinect it can make it at years end but if not then by Jan for sure. COD BLOPS2 next week and Halo 4 make 10mil by half of next year!!!!!

Is this the most ten million sellers a console has had? Besides wii games getting Multi times. Which don't count.

 Bananaking was right, I was wrong. Like he always is. About the 3DS not selling at least 19.999 million in 2013...

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Congrats to the 360. This thing sells software like crazy wether it is Hardcore, casuel, or arcade games.

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