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Do you think versus Will come out our is it officially Dead?

Yeah it's gone 26 29.55%
No, it will come out eventually 51 57.95%
no idea? 11 12.50%

I honestly believe this game has gone multi-platform. I've come to this conclusion on no real basis or proof. This is usually when I always wrong, but I'm going to say it anyways. There will be a release, and it will be available for both the 360 and PS3. When will it released? When they feel that both version are on par.

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SE are retarded, FF13-3 looks horrible! and im someone who will play a final fantasy just cause it has the name attached to it. Not 13-3 though, I wont touch it cause SE is shafting not only versus but a bring type 0 to the west aswell.....2 awesome looking games we may never see....

Muffin31190 said:
Farsala said:

I would say no, otherwise its a complete waste of their money and our time after 6 years of progress.

Agreed games that tend to take more then 6 years of Development end up being HUGE flops or really over hyped, part of me wants it to be dead, but the other part of me wants it to bring life back into a dying franchise

The thing is with square, I genuinely think alot of the faults from XIII came from geniune attempts of them trying to grow and evolve. Unfortunately they were'nt executed very well.

Wada confirmed that the dev. team was working on it during the summer when there was that big cancellation rumor. My take is that VersusXIII is currently being ported to PS4 on Luminous Engine, to be "revealed" at E3 2013 once the PS4 itself is official. Thus the reason they don't speak of it now. But it's just my theory...

Carl2291 said:
Would have been done by now if they werent fucking around with XIII-2 and Lightning Returns. Also if XIV wasnt awful at launch.

A lot of Versus staff got pulled onto other projects. Hopefully with the coming release of XIV, more people can get hard to work on Versus. Same goes for when LR is done.

XIV -> XIII Lightning Returns -> Versus -> XV

Will go in that order.

On the positive side, these guys must have learned a lot these past few years to be able to make Vs. into the best FF ever...

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WiiU exclusive


Playable demo inside Lightning Returns!!!

I think it will be rebranded FFXV, be released next-gen and be multiplatform.

But no, as Carl said, SE's fucking up with every other project (XIII, then XIV) led to staff pulled from Versus and so it's just constantly delayed. I believe we'll see it eventually. When and on what system I could not answer, though.

they never really said it was versus what... is it final fantasy vs capcom or final fantasy vs snk ????

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