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Best Nintendo Home Console?

NES 47 8.83%
SNES 193 36.28%
N64 98 18.42%
GCN 66 12.41%
WII 50 9.40%
WII U 78 14.66%

Simple Question, What home console did best at delivering to the gamers? Which had the best games? Which was the best for its time?

This is your oppinion of the best of Nintendo!

Overall Performance now discuss...

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NES - best for its time
SNES - overall best games (NES was close for me, though)

My favorite - NES


I judge games based on their libraries. Since Wii was backwards compatible with GameCube games and played NES, SNES, and N64 games through virtual console... IMO you just can't do better than a single system that is able to play Metroid Prime Trilogy, Ocarina of Time, and Chrono Trigger.

NES did the best, otherwise the PS would have had comp. fom N64.

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I played very little of the SNES, my Uncle's wife has one and I played it along with my cousins when we went to their house. We played Mario and A Duck Hunt game.

I personally owned an N64 and a GC. I had more fun with the Game Cube, because of Pokemon Gale of Darkness, I stay up all night, the weekend it came out. My first game I bought day one. I also enjoyed Pikmin, Viewtiful Joe, Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion, Metroid Prime and Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker on the GameCube. It was also the first system I had that had some type of connection with another device. I miss my GameCube.

Personally - GC (Metroid, Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart, Paper Mario, SSBM)
For Nintendo - Wii

The Gamecube, I own them all, and the Cube is my favorite. It has two of the best Metroids, my favorite Zelda(Wind Waker), Star Fox Adventures (Unappreciated), Melee, TImesplitters, SSX games, Rogue Squadron

Overall: probably SNES

Personally: probably Gamecube

GCN had my favorite titles (SSBM, Paper Mario , Metroid prime 1+2, Pikmin 1+2, Zelda, Etc)
N64 had best platformers (SM64,DK64,Banjo kazooie+2) but SNES had my favorite game of all time Super Mario RPG!!!