Forums - Sony Discussion - The Vita is a year old now, how is it doing?

I think that things have finally settled down. Assassins Creed became a nice little hit and the system is selling well in the West.


I have a good feeling about the vita now. Big games on their way as well?

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Sales Wise very bad, but as with its specs and games i hear nothing but good things! I personally want to play gravity rush! Looks badass...

Its an awesome hand held but its saleing bad


It's only a year old in Japan, and Sony doesn't seem to be pushing it there.
How is it doing? Horrible.

I own two Vita (black and white) and love it. Its under achieving right now but it will catch on with a good price cut.

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I actually just wrote an article about this on a website I write for and it had sluggish first year. I think we need to wait after the holiday season to see if the sales stay where they are now. I'll buy it when the price goes down and one or two more games come out I'm interested it come out.


It's just like LSD. Everyone experiencing it thinks it's amazing while most people don't want to give it a try. Things are looking much brighter though, the 60s are coming.

Worse then the PS3... though hey, the PS3 turned it around. Hopefully this does so it can at least get some sweet SRPGs like the psp did.

Vita is selling wht its retail price permits it to sell. great games are coming to the Vita. Vita should be stacked through 2013 but i have no indication of that being true.

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Pretty bad, If sony cannot turn it around it may be the last Sony handheld and then its all just nintendo handhelds vs smartphones.