Will Luigi's Mansion Be a Huge Hit? (With a Poll)

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Luigi Mansion! How Will it sell Lifetime?

Under a million 29 7.92%
1mil+ 61 16.67%
2mil+ 88 24.04%
3mil+ 70 19.13%
4mil+ 32 8.74%
5mil+ 38 10.38%
6mil+ 8 2.19%
7mil+ 9 2.46%
8mil+ 7 1.91%
10mil+ 24 6.56%

Luigi mansion was a mario/ghostbuster game that suprised everyone. The over shadowed brother of Mario himself fits the role as #1 in a game. This game as a GCN launch sold 3.6mil which is impressive, and now the long awaited sequel comes up in a couple months next year!

I want to kno will LM DM live up to its prequel, It was on the Gamecube which sold a measly 21mil consoles! With the 3DS it can shoot up very high in terms of sales and boost hardware!

This game IMO can sell alot,Look at the comparison between Animal Crossing

3.15mil>>>> AC (original) Vs. 3.60mil>>>Luigi Mansion
11.83mil>>> AC (DS) Vs. ?????>>Luigi Mansion Dark Moon (3DS)

AC 3DS version is currently around 1.5mil but only japan release and contiuing to be #1 in japan soon!

So whats your take on all this? Will LM2 be alright or will it be massive?

You Decide

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As soon as I saw "multiple mansions" I was convinced this would sell much less than the first. I think ~1.2m.

I dont kno i rather explore multiple places, I say because its a long waited sequel and this seems way better than pm ss and its on 3DS, It'll do maybe 3-4mil first year 7-8mil lifetime!

Not really confident that it can pass 2 million. Hope it can, though.
Had it come out for the Wii...

preorders seem good so my guess is 4 - 6 mil.

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I have the feeling it will do a lot better than the original. The original kind of went 'under the radar' I feel. This game however, takes perfect advantage of the 3D effect (I reckon, from what's been said). If they put out a good demo it'll catch on I think. Also, pre-orders in America for this game are already pretty high in the US, if the pre-order charts here are to be believed. I hope it'll come up on the Japanese COMG thread soon! At least here in Europe, there's already one pre-order (mine)!

The original did 3.60m according to VGC, I think 3DS's version will do 5m.

Like I said in the other thread, 6-8 Mio sales seem to be reasonable, if it is a masterpiece it could even reach 10 Million (although I don´t really expect it to reach 10 Mio)

2 million +

I think it will outsell the original by a nice bit.

The first Luigi's Mansion is the kind of game that got a lot of hate when it launch (I guess this was because it wasn't a Mario game), but over the years the game have gotten a lot more popular (at least for what I've seen) so I think this will do a little bit better than the first one, my guess is that between 4-5 million.

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