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The sales of the PSP are sloing down quite rapidley! Considered to be "walkman of the 21 century" and the "Game Boy Killer" it never matched the Numbers of the original version! But it could surpass GBA when all is said and done! The gap is around 6 Million! What do you think?


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I wouldn't count on it...

Sorry, but the PSP looks really that everywhere exept Japan so I don't think it will do it.

Sorry I mean dead not "that"

With the help of developing markets yes it will surpass GBA rather easily. Going by graphs Nintendo showed us it's still also selling decently in Europe (vgchartz tracking is joke when it comes to PSP and EU)

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i don't think it will happen. Maybe another 3 million... But after that, I don't see it still selling anything.

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The GBA is still selling??

Yes it can do it in the next year or 2

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Depends on if Sony keeps allowing it to assimilate Vita sales in Japan. Gonna have the number one title next week! Maybe number two as well.

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killer7 said:
The GBA is still selling??

Oh. Well I can definitely see that you could read it that way too. Sorry.  I meant obviously PSP though (Nintendo gives us European sales data for all consoles once in a while)