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We all know Nintendo has been in gaming for I dont kno.... 4EVER!

So Question is what mistakes the big N should of prevented? What choices still haunts them??? Why Nintendo Could be #1 (if its not) if it didn't make a bomb decision???

Lets Discuss!!!!!

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I'll Start
1. Virtual Boy
2. Price of 3DS.. Watttt
3. Not bringing the east to the west in time!!! (a whole year or two come on...)

Not wanting to cooperate with Sony. Well they had themselves to blame.

$250 price for the 3DS.

Greatest reason (?) for them having their first annual loss since entering the gaming industry.

In recent history, the lack of third party support for the Wii. It's something that didn't affect me but I can see how a lot of people got annoyed by it. It's no mystery that Nintendo never had a good relation 3rd parties since the N64 but nothing compared to the Wii.  

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1. Virtual Boy
2. $250 for 3DS
3. Not going CD format during the PSX-N64 era
4. Not having a decent relationship or ties with third parties.
5. Not pushing forth some of their main titles like Fire Emblem and Earthbound (mother 3 not released, first few FE games?)

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Turkish said:
Not wanting to cooperate with Sony. Well they had themselves to blame.

I think them not co-operating with Sony was the best thing for both companies and gamers. Instead of one vision, we get two visions as gamers and Nintendo would not have gone the route they did if Sony had not muscled them around for two generations. That was not a mistake, we got some of the best gaming ever out of that decision.

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Not including a CD drive in the N64. Biggest mistake they've made so far. Disolving their partnership with Sony was a good move though.

Turkish said:
Not wanting to cooperate with Sony. Well they had themselves to blame.


You kno i never knew of it intill like 5years ago. Crazy could of been a huge history changer (no playstation). Nintendo sure made a big mistake, And hav to Regret it forever!!!

The CD-ROM issue of the 1990s is directly why their third party dominance was broken and has not even to this day ever recovered from that decision.

It is Nintendo's biggest mistake by about a country mile. Nothing else even comes close. Virtual Boy was just a weird experiment that they yanked after a few months, it didn't impact the overall company.