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How much will WiiU sell the week ending 15th Dec?

101-150k 5 4.35%
151-200k 3 2.61%
201-250k 6 5.22%
251-300k 8 6.96%
301-350k 18 15.65%
351-400k 21 18.26%
401k-450k 18 15.65%
451-500k 15 13.04%
501-550k 8 6.96%
551k+ 13 11.30%

I think its gonna drop quite bad, gonna guess with 350k

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Japan 135k
Europe 95k
NoA 165k

WW 395k

Sales always improve this time of year in NA/Europe.

250k NA
150k Europe
130k Japan

530k WW

180k NA
80k Europe
150k Japan
60k other

470k WW

Can't put a number on it but im guessing its going to be quite alot lower than last week. Probably about half of what it did last week.

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Srry change mine because like an idiot i forget christmas
NoA 230k
europe 95k
japan 135k
WW is 460k

Between 450k-500k, its Christmas after all :).


Who ever had chose the 1st one on the poll is trolling... Japan got those sales by itself or NoA

500 k

USA 200
Europe 150
Japan 150

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I chose 400-450k

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