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It seems with the impending collapse of Square Enix as we know it (already failed project with FFXIV and the upcoming a realm reborn 2.0) that SE is moving into a entirely new direction with their iphone adoption (or increasing the rate).  Looks like the FFV remake for iOS will be from the ground up and more remakes for ios are on its way.

 Edit: Lightning Returns doesnt look to hot either. 

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"The Final Fantasy ios revolution begins"

No FF remakes for 3DS and VIta confirmed.
so sad

Well after Capcom, SE is the next publisher developer that loves to milk their franchises.. Capcom still doesn't seem to get the formula correct yet, once they do we will see it. This is just a new market that is ripe for milking. Considering Theatrythum is a microtransaction fest that will cost the iOS player more to play the game game with as many songs/characters as the 3DS version. (It only ships with two songs....)

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