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Best of The Best In Soul Calibur!

Soul Calibur (original DC) 6 22.22%
Soul Calibur II 16 59.26%
Soul Calibur III 4 14.81%
Soul Calibur IV 0 0.00%
Soul Calibur V 0 0.00%
Soul Calibur Broken Destiny 0 0.00%
Soul Calibur Legends 1 3.70%
Noo More Soul Calibur!!!!! 0 0.00%

What gave the best performance/most liked/ best delivery in the series?


[ Im about log off, I will make 2 or 3 (BOE) later on 12/20 pls be patient, Thank You. Happy Posting]

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owned from 2 to 5.
My favourite is 2 has better modes. Best cameo character in link if you owned the gc version

Bet with ninjablade:

Ninjablade wins if the next 5 multiplat on the wii u are inferior to the 360 version.

I win if one of the 5 mulitplats are on par or superior on the Wii U.

SC 3

Soulcalibur 3 is the most complete game for singleplayer, for multiplayer my favourites are the first one (on DC) and SCIV, because imo they're the most balanced.

Hey, where's SOUL BLADE!?

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Only played Soul Edge/Blade, Soul Calibur II, Soul Calibur Broken Destiny and Soul Calibur Legends (unfortunately).

I choose Soul Calibur II (GCN) cause it was my first one and it had Link *-*!

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Soul Calibur 2 is the most polished one.

The first two ones because the first is the most balanced and the second has Link.


I did this thread late so im bringing it back

Pls discuss!

SCII easily