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Halo at its finest?

Halo 15 16.85%
Halo 2 15 16.85%
Halo 3 16 17.98%
Halo 4 27 30.34%
Halo ODST 1 1.12%
Halo Reach 5 5.62%
Halo Wars 4 4.49%
Halo Combat Evolved Av. 3 3.37%
I'll Wait (Halo5) 3 3.37%

1st i want to say thanks everyone for liking these threads!
Keep the comments and vote! I will be doing this daily up to 3 a day! This will be one of two last ones today!

Thank you all!

What gave the best performance/most liked/ best delivery in the series?


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Halo 4 is the best in the series for me but I really loved Halo Wars too, its the only RTS I ever played on a console that was great fun (imo). I voted Halo Wars simply because others will vote for Halo 4.

Where the Halo fans at???

Halo 2 was my favorite for a long time. But then Halo 3 grew on me more and I started playing it the most. The same happened to Reach. But Halo 4 blows them all out of the water. GOTY, nay GOTD

D = Decade

had the most fun with halo 3

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Halo:CE will always be my favorite, but I enjoy all the Halo games including the spinoffs.

Hard to decide... I`ll go for Halo 3 as 2006/2007 was when I gamed the most.

Halo 4 is the third game from the series that I have played. Only one I have enjoyed. Still have only accidentally killed one person in online.

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chapset said:
had the most fun with halo 3

Me too pure awesome with friends online! This game for Xbox360 and SSBB for Wii were my most hyped games of the gen!

Halo 4 is the best but I had the most fun from Halo 3.