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Favorite Metroid

Metroid 6 4.41%
Metroid II: Return of Samus 2 1.47%
Super Metroid 48 35.29%
Metroid Fusion 3 2.21%
Metroid Prime 52 38.24%
Metroid: Zero Mission 0 0.00%
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes 9 6.62%
Metroid Prime: Hunters 0 0.00%
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption 5 3.68%
Metroid: Other M 11 8.09%

I saw all the "BEST OVERALL THREADS", but honestly the only series I really like debating best game is Metroid. It's always good times. So what is your favorite Metroid game? Which one has the best gameplay, most unique. What is the worst Metroid? Which ones haven't you played? Do you prefer the 3D metroids or the 2D ones?


For me, and I know I will recieve flak, it's Metroid Prime 2. I really liked the atmosphere, the enemies, and the dark world. The game managed to feel really isolated, and have it's own unique vibe that Prime 1 didn't. Prime 2 is where Retro made "their"Metroid game instead of Super Metroid in 3D. I really liked the game overall. It was beautiful, had some sweet puzzles, had a unique vibe, and dat soundtrack. 


Close second is Super Metroid, it's a classic of course.

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Prime 1 followed closely by Super Metroid.

Lol i was gonna do this but its all good you got it! my choice is metroid other m, Other than boring story it was the best in gameplay IMO

1. Prime 1
2. Prime 2
3. NES
4. Fusion
5. Super

Didn't like:

6. Prime 3
7. Other M

Prime 2>Super>Prime1>Fusion

Suckish: Prime 3, Other M, Metroid 2, NES

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Great thread!
Super Metroid will probably always be my favorite Metroid (and game), but Metroid Prime comes at a close second. The first Metroid certainly deserves an honorable mention, as it created a genre/mood that few games have managed to emulate, let alone best.

I think it might be fun to do a "worst Metroid" thread as well. Certainly the Other M backlash is strong, but I'd be curious to see where the others would end up.

I've only played Super Metroid, the NES metroids and the GBA ones ;(

Out of those I would say Super Metroid.

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Any "Metroid fan" that puts anything above Super Metroid is lying to themselves. It's not even close honestly.

Super Metroid.


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