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Best Vita game to be bundled for Pushing Hardware?

Persona 4 14 17.28%
AC liberation 3 3.70%
Uncharted Golden Abyss 8 9.88%
Gravity Rush 6 7.41%
COD Declassified 3 3.70%
LBP 12 14.81%
Playstation AllStars BR 6 7.41%
Other Title Not Mentioned 12 14.81%
None Price it Down 17 20.99%

Most likely we'll see a price cut next year, but there could always be complications! What if Sony Bundles a Game with a good memory card in it for $249.99? Or maybe the price drops and we still get a game bundled for 179.99, 199.99, or 219.99.

Question is what would be the smartest move for Sony to push hardware sales (what game)?


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LBP or stay with AC:III Liberation bundle idea.

Fuck Dsister and Zex.

Killzone or LBP:Vita


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tearaway look like the perfect bundle game.
bundled, no mem card, 249$.
no bundle wifi 219$; no bundle 3g 249$
hopefully an "xl" for 279$ with a 3month ps+.

Based on sales so far, I'd say Uncharted, maybe AC3:L if they can rope Ubisoft into it.

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CoD: Declassified just because it has the Call of Duty name. This time next year people will forget how bad the game is so it would be the perfect opportunity for Sony to bundle it.

It has to be a new game. Killzone, Tearaway, The Phantom Pain (please, please Kojima...) or Soul Sacrifice.

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LBP:V with a 4GB card and 1 month of PS+ for $199 would be a good deal, I think. As someone else mentioned, A Killzone bundle would be good for those not interested in LBP.

Pretty sure they have already confirmed a price cut for next year.

Assassins Creed: Liberation seems like the best choice though. Well, or Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Call of Duty would just make people smash their Vita systems in agony.

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I am egnoring all the games on that list. The 2 games I want bundled if it happens is KILLZONE MERCENARY and the new franchise TERAWAY.