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Best 3D mario game (no 2d)

Super Mario 64 11 17.74%
Super Mario Sunshine 5 8.06%
Super Mario Galaxy 18 29.03%
Super Mario 3D Land 2 3.23%
Super Mario Galaxy 2 25 40.32%
Super Mario 64 DS (This Counts) 1 1.61%

What gave the best performance/most liked/ best delivery in the series?


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Super Mario Galaxy 2 by far.
It was everything I loved from the first game, but better and with Yoshi.

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mysticwolf said:
Super Mario Galaxy 2 by far.

It was everything I loved from the first game, but better and with Yoshi.

Even though number 2 was better the original was mind boggling! SMG2 perfected it

Super mario galaxy, although i think the 2D marios are much better

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 was the best. For me its...

SMG2 > SMG > SM64 > SMS > SM64 DS

Didnt play SM3DL, will so in the future :).

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Next 3D mario will top them all !!! (i hope)

To me, Galaxy 1 is the one that has the best focus all around.

Not too much free roaming (there was too much of that in 64, even though it was fun at first, it became repetitive quite fast, and there was not enough in galaxy 2), a really good focus on actual platforming and reflexes through really good level design. Just think about the secret levels from Sunshine. Galaxy's prime inspiration seems to have been taken from those, and they are a godsend to me. The abilities were fun and varied, and the gravity really added depth to the already stellar platforming elements. All the while having one of the best setting in any Mario games (space). 

All in all, Galaxy is my favorite Mario game ever. Galaxy 2 comes really close though. Like... 0.1 point behind.

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Most groundbreaking - SM64
Funnest to play - SMG2
Worst - SM64DS (because of the controls)


SM64 = SMG2 > SMG >>> SM3DLand >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SMSunshine >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SM64DS

They are all pretty awesome but I'd go with Super Mario 64. It's still pure magic

And for some reason I find myself replaying Sunshine again and again. If you ignore the blue coins and stuff it's a great game to play through quickly.