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Just a quick question if someone has the inability to see color ,everything just looks like a sketch outline on white paper no degrees of shading, how would you describe it to them? For example how would you describe to them what the color blue is if they can never see it?

How would you put it into words on say an internet forum?

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I suppose they would have to be explained using the other senses as a basis.

Brown would be a very nature-ish color, the color of wood and dirt and fallen leaves. The color of most animals and of earth.

Blue would be water, cool and soothing.

I think purple is the only color I can't really think of much to describe, unless it's the rich, luxurious feel of velvet.

I would think the only way you could explain to them what a color looks like is to give an example of what type of emotion that color gives off. Sort of like blue shows sadness/depression and things like that...This question is

Interesting question, I did some googling to find out what that condition is called.
Apperently it's called Rod Monochromatism or Complete Achromatopsia, happens in 1 of 33,000 in the USA, but you couldn't make this up:

In the western Pacific, however, there is a small island of Pingelap that has a high incidence of achromatopsia. This population has been studied significantly because of this condition. Through genealogy, it was traced back to 1775 to one man who survived a typhoon which killed most of the islands residents. This man had a mutation of the CNGB3 gene which is essential in the eye’s photoreceptors and ultimately vision. He passed this gene on to  family members who have subsequently been affected by achromatopsia. Today, 6% of the population of this small island has the condition.

Help you perceive color with your eyes would be impossible, unless you wear some fancy glasses that automatically label color with textures or tags.

To explain color, you could use temperature. You can't see if something is hot or cold, but a thermometer can. With infrared goggles you can see temperature. Now imagine you have heat vision build in. It would be hard to imagine ofcourse, like imagining being able to see a 4th spatial dimension.

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I would listen to tons of classical music and use clips that I think FEEL like the each color.

For example blue might feel like Moonlight Sonata and Yellow might feel like Ode to Joy.

No. Colors are quale, therefore properties of mental states (not physical).


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Ice cold = Blue
Really hot = Red, like if you are Hot you blush red that feeling of heat is red....

Damn hard to explain anything in between tho.

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Burn them, say red. (Not to bad obviously. like hot food or something)
Give them something icey cold and say blue. That's how I would start.

It would be futile. You can't prove that we all see colors the same way to begin with.

My red could be your purple and we'd never know.

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