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The Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 are on their way and there's little denying it because of all the obvious signs coming from all kinds of directions within the industry.

According to a report from VG24/7 on Monday, after the first three months of next year, the market is completely dry for game debuts and will be ready for the next-generation of gaming.

"Why do we know nothing about what’s to follow? It’s because next-gen really is coming.

"We have it on good authority that PS4 is getting a reveal before E3 next year, and that the specs are looking powerful indeed," the report stated.

Why is this happening you ask?

This is because the Xbox 720 and/or Playstation 4 are positioning themselves for being revealed during April or May.

There is a reason why you are not hearing about any upcoming game releases for April or May.

There's a reason why when you do hear about new and upcoming games, that are outside of annual releases like "FIFA," you don't hear about specific release dates or even quarters of the year.

All of that is because this generation is wrapping up this coming March and the industry will unleash what is next in the months to follow.

Many developers have already finished next-generation engines and are primed for the next round of systems to be released.

When that does happen, the industry will be entering a renaissance period of content and technology advancement.

All of your favorite franchises you love will now be seen on next-generation systems and displayed with new visuals never-before-seen.

This is going to be one of the biggest generations for the industry simply because of all the incorporation that is going to be coming from mobile devices and tablets.

These systems will not only be technology beasts, but they will be animals with agility and style.

The Xbox 720 and Playstation 4's announcements are going to put a charge into the industry with their debuts sending everyone into a gaming frenzy.

Are you ready for the next-generation of gaming?


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Gimme SPECS ALREADY. I still wonder about whether which console is going to be more powerful.

BTW the feature im most looking forward to is the ability for more games to be able to handle splitscreen.  

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What the heck kind of article was that?

pokoko said:
What the heck kind of article was that?

An opinion piece telling us stuff we already know.

Ech. Yes I'm ready for next-gen gaming but are the consoles? Being an avid PC gamer there is no denying that PC graphics are limited to what their console brethren can achieve as it's not profitable to make a game that is way beyond anything a console can do.
So while the next gen will hopefully make DX11 more common, I just hope they have the horsepower to then put it into action. With the Wii U I worry that consoles will become more discreet rather then being hulking monoliths that act as radiators in winter. The advantage with the latter is you can get better hardware in it, and let's be honest, who doesn't want photo-realism in gaming? The only way we can achieve that is if MS and Sony bust themselves to provide a powerful gaming experience instead of a "green" one.
If they don't do this, then the consoles will be dated on release and PC gamers will be waiting for years for the actual next-gen of gaming to arrive.

"...incorporation that is going to be coming from mobile devices..."

"...coming from mobile devices..."

" devices..."


I'm ready. I'm already experiencing it. *keeps on playing ZombiU

Somehow I don't think this is true. We've heard various rumors saying that the PS4 devs kits (not sure about the next xbox) are still in early state and iirc one rumor said they won't send the final dev kits until next summer. Also announcing the system so early will kill the hardware sales by a lot, unless both companies plan to launch the console not too long after the announcement. 

Still this article is just weird, "All of your favorite franchises you love will now be seen on next-generation systems and displayed with new visuals never-before-seen" that line looks like they're trying to sell me stuff...

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Wh1pL4shL1ve_007 said:

Gimme SPECS ALREADY. I still wonder about whether which console is going to be more powerful.

720 > PS4 >> Wii U

Both 720 and PS4 are 28nm or 32nm AMD GPU, 32nm AMD CPU. PS4 is comparable to existing "A10" APUs (4 x86 cores @ 3.5GHz), 720 has eDRAM on die as well and is much faster, both are custom chips though. The consoles are limited by 200W max power consumption so expect it to be midrange PC from a year ago kind of graphics.

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I read this in my inner Bob Costas voice.