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If you were to die today what do you wish you would have done in life?  Simple question.

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Far too many to list, but producing a son would probably top the list.

dsgrue3 said:
Far too many to list, but producing a son would probably top the list.

Then their you go, that is your lifetime goal.  That's what I want to know.  People seem to not know this most of the time so here is a good chance of knowing.

I guess I'd wish I would have traveled more. I'm pretty comfortable in my zone but I haven't seen enough of the world and experienced enough unique things. I'm definitely happy and mostly satisfied but I can see myself thinking something like "Damn. I never went to Paris" or "I never climbed Mt. Everest."

I've been with beautiful women, treated people with respect, saved some lives, seen some action, bought the material things I felt were worth owning, had a child, made my parents proud, etc. If I were to die today, I think I had a pretty good run.

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Yeah, having children would be mine. The only things that live on from us when we die are our lineage (if we have kids) and the impacts we've made in others' lives, and that form of impact is best seen through family members, especially children.

All the fun and exciting experiences I could have would be meaningless to me if I didn't have a sustained impact on the future of my family.

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Almost achieved.

I have an amazing daughter, hopefully she is already on the right path for a rich and rewarding life. I have given her all of the opportunities I can to succeed and be happy.  But I want to watch her grow much older and see some grandchildren one day.

Personal goals are pretty much achieved. I intend to finish working in the not too distant future (another 5 to 7 years and I should be done) and spend the rest of my life traveling as much as I can and helping my daughter.

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To have a family of my own.

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had a million more wishes... oh wait wrong question.

See my grandchildren.

For the moment, not much. My often-aired major life-problem is persisting unemployment (though there is an opportunity underway currently), but getting a job is something i need to continue living, not a concern if i were to drop dead today.

I would be dying a virgin, though

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Watch my daughter grow up more.

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