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Anyone who has read my 3DS posts will know that I have not been happy with my 3DS at all. Bought it at full price within six months from launch. Got the ambassador games, which was nice I guess. Then I waited.


The system was too small for me. I do not understand why they did not just start with the XL. Then we have the game situation.There was and have been hardly any. I can count the big third party games on one hand and a few of them were old ports. I can count the first party games on two hands and a few of them were old ports. I had fun with Ocarina 3D, but to be honest I just played the game the week before I bought the 3DS version on my retro N64. Same with goes for StarFox.


Anyways I sold ot for 150 dollars with two games, plus all the downloaded content I had. I will be sad to miss out on Luigis mansion 2, but one game does not justify owning a system in my eyes. I look forward to the Wii U! I hope it will bring me happiness.

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Anyone that reads your 3DS posts knows that you don't like hand held gaming.

you are the Debbiest of all the nintendo fans i know.

Hmm... I thought you were going for a Vita since you've posted many good things about it. Oh well.

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Too bad. The 3DS eShop has some great stuff.

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What games did you have for it (not including the ambassador titles)?

Pokemonbrawlvg said:
Hmm... I thought you were going for a Vita since you've posted many good things about it. Oh well.

Barf! You must be joking? When have I ever said anything about it when I was not joking? It is in the same boat. Both the 3DSXL and Vita are nice systems. But if you have no games and if they are not good then there is no point to owning one. 3DS has quality games but has burned me. Vita is a quality system with no games. Old games do not interest me, as we have seen me mention with the 3DS.

a Wiiu is great so that's ok, and by the things you are saying here i think you don't like portable gaming so a WiiU fits you more :)

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I had Kid Icarus and Zelda. Sold tennis, Mario kart, and Mario a while back. Also had mutant mudds and some other game downloaded. Never played it. Rented a few others but they were not for me. The WiiU is Nintendos last chance with me before I just finally switch over to the dark side. Sadly...