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ffs cant never add a video in this site, can someone fix it ?




We all remember that Christmas we received a Nintendo 64. Best Christmas eva.

No problem ;)

The N64 was a magical time. The last time I was always excited for games. Everything was new. I can still kind of remember the feeling it gave me all those years ago. It was great!

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thanks happyd xD


What did I just see???

I was like that too when I bought my GCN for Christmas on launch year. That shit had me hooked for hours, bastard ;(

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sadly my parents never give me one xD

if i wanted one console i had to pay for the console, i saved money for a intire year to buy my ps1 and ps2 :P


N64 was really ones of the best times ever.
I remember picking up Zelda OoT and just having yime to see the intro before i went out. Awesome!
NES and N64 were the two consoles i played the most with my brothers: turok 2, Diddy Kong Racing, Perfect Dark... really good times! :)