Could Nintendo add a capacitive touch screen in a WiiU redesign?

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Capacitive or no?

Give me a more responsive one! 33 21.85%
It's fine the way it is ... 118 78.15%

I feel like this would be a good move for a future design of the system.  They would have to continue to make sure that it wasn't multitouch because that would mean enhanced capabilities and fragmenting the fanbase if developers take advantage in future games.  However I would like it because after playing with it a little it did seem a little unresponsive compared to my phone.

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I dont really see how that would help anything

It's fine where it is. When the stylus is used the accuracy is superior to the iphone and you aren't blocking the screen with your fat fingers.

Given the size of screen it would have added way to much cost to the Gamepad (more than it already is). When you have physical bottoms I think there no need for a multitouch screen. Sure it could have added a few more playing options but in the end I don't think is worth it. 

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What would be the point of that screen?

capacitive is bad for pen input. You need special pens and then you still lose the feeling of pressure. (you will end up drawing crippled lines, circles, symbols etc which might be needed for future games)

You will also keep hitting the wrong vitual button etc. since even the slightest touch will do stuff.

Capacitive for gaming is stupid.

The only advantage would be multitouch for typing etc. but thats not the purpose of the gamepad. I initially thought zooming in and out would be a problem but with all the shoulder buttons and analog sticks thats no issue at all.

The main problem that I have with the touchscreen is that everything is smearing when there fast movement (even browsing the eshop smeares the image...) My cheap Lenovo A1 has a better screen (but has horrible viewing angles lol)

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Capacitive is much better but it also costs more. I think it was stupid for Nintendo to go with single touch, but because of that decision resistive is good enough.

If it makes it more accurate then lets do it!

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Not necessary, and Nintendo won't do it.

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spurgeonryan said:
If it makes it more accurate then lets do it!

it wouldn't, capactive might make touch with your fingers slightly more responsive, but not enough to be that noticeable.  However, you would lose the very precise stylus touch.  

Capactive touch screens really only make sense if you are adding multi touch.  However, like the OP said, Nintendo can't really do that without fracturing their base.  So, basically, you would lose more than you would gain if Nintendo did this.