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I just wanted to mention that when I did a search in the Wii U eshop for "demo" 9 3DS titles appeared. There were screen shots but no video.

I'm sure this is only the start of how the eshop will work together on both systems.  

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I'm sure there will be away to download them and then move them to the 3DS, same as the way the Vita and PS3 works with certain PS1 titles that don't show up on the Vita store. I know you can do it with other titles as well.

It's best to make them work the same way. I also love the different values of eShop cards I can buy at my local Game store.

Yes, there's currently 20 results for 3DS demos (which only show screenshots) and one 3DS video (Picross e2 trailer) in the EU Wii U eshop.

EDIT: If I just search for "3DS" instead of demos, it brings up 141 results. Information about plenty of 3DS titles (screenshots and videos).

Yes! I hope this helps 3rd parties on 3DS when it fully starts. May as well make it possible.

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Early signs of joint system make me smile.

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The PSP and PS3 have done this for years now. This doesn't surprise me.

Unsurprising, but good nonetheless.

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