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1 Mario Kart Wii Wii 2008 Racing 32.96
2 Mario Kart DS DS 2005 Racing 22.28
3 Mario Kart 64 N64 1996 Racing 9.87
4 Super Mario Kart SNES 1992 Racing 8.76
5 Mario Kart: Double Dash!! GC 2003 Racing 6.95
6 Mario Kart 7 3DS 2011 Racing 6.86
7 Mario Kart: Super Circuit GBA 2001 Racing 5.47

MKU will release hopefully in the holiday of 2013 but still could come out 2014. When it does come out how many units will it sell? Will MKU surpass all its prequels? Will It be in dead last? Dont forget MK7 is about to pass MK DD next week (most likely) and it'll still keep climbing possiblely in the top 3 maybe number 2?

Discuss how will MKU do against the franchise!

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i'd guess about 10M as the casuals don't seem to be taking notice of the wiiU.

I can see a possible 2013 release, or the first half of 2014. Either way, I bet it will be heavily bundled, and will manage to pass 10 million in sales (12 million?) and land at fourth place not far behind Mario Kart 7.

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I think Nintendo will be whipping the horses to get this out by December of next year.

A 3D Mario from EAD Tokyo and even whatever Retro is working on is OK, but neither are likely to drive hardware sales the way a Mario Kart would, as it appeals to virtually everyone.

My guess is it will sell 11-12 million WW and will be the best selling Wii U game outside of the bundled Nintendo Land.

To be honest i think MK7 wil keep rising as all MK has strong long legs next year MK7 can and most likely have over 10mil(possibly 11mil) sales! Next week MK7 will surpass 7mil and probably reach 7.25mil at least which is actually bundled for holidays so even over 7.5 is possible!

This will have a big advantage over Wii U in terms of sales because MK7 will continue to rise(i can see it maybe passing MKDS at the end of life cycle)! But no one will surpass the third most sold game in history(on one console), or second place if you dont count wii sports!

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I'd say about 25 million lifetime.

Way too early to tell though.

at least 15 million

It will have between 25-35% attach ratio, so it all depends how WiiU does.

I'd guess around 20 million lifetime. And I think it will launch in 2014. I imagine there will more than enough titles to show off at E3 2013 without it.

At least 10 million, but it probably wont get anywhere near the wii mario kart sales...