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What do you think is to blame?

Video Games 0 0.00%
Mentality 8 53.33%
Gun Laws 7 46.67%
Too many Freedoms 0 0.00%

With the recent school shooting that took place in the states, groups of people flocked to blame video games. First off, I think it is rude to try to point fingers at something right off the bat. We should be mourning for those lost and the praying for the families affected. 

If video games are the case, then how come school shootings have been occurring since the 1700's (the first recorded school shooting happened in the states)? That alone opens a large loop hole in the theory that links video games to violence. During the 1800s and 1900s, there were more school shootings happening a year than there is today. Sure, the magnitude of this decade's shootings are huge, but that is only because the media covers it for weeks. 

Look at Europe, and compare the number of school shootings with the states. Yeah, doesn't happen so much over there as to here. And they play games too!

We may never know the motives behind the shooting, because the shooter took his own life. Maybe he was mentally unstable, or maybe gun laws are too loose here in the states. We may never know why these kinds of things happen.

- This last part isn't related to the main point of the thread, but I felt like it should be said. -

The government should teach us signs of lunatics, so we can prevent these kinds of things. For example, studies have shown that you should play dead when a confronted with a bear. Research has proven that this behavior leads to this outcome. When we see a baby holding its mid-section, we know its time to change that diaper or that baby is gonna go on itself. CERTAIN BEHAVIORS LEAD TO THIS OUTCOME. We know so much about animals, yet we don't know each other. The government could prevent these kinds of things by teaching the youth the tell tale signs of a psycho, but they don't. These events don't happen to them, it happens to us. They are the ones who come in and do cleanup, they don't experience the pain and fear we do. 

Until our youth is taught the behaviors of a psycho, I fear that this trend will only get worse.


Hearts and prays out to the families of those lost. God bless.

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Absolutely ridiculous to blame video games. Fox News has to find something else to blame other than guns, so they pick video games. I think both guns and mental health issues both played a factor in the shooting