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So, am I?

Yes 123 75.00%
No 41 25.00%

Well, guys, I have been a jerk with many of you, and I realize I can be a pretty mean person.

I know I put others down a lot and it's not nice. So I wanted to ask a really simple question to you guys. Am I an asshole?

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yes just because you made a thread asking if you were. We all know how one sided the poll will be

A thread about yourself? Make an attention whore option in the poll please.

Na, we've had an argument before I'm sure. The fact that I don't remember it too well nor remember it with negative thoughts speaks well in your favor. There are a few people on here I don't like, I know I'm not the only person to dislike someone on this site too.

Max King of the Wild said:
yes just because you made a thread asking if you were. We all know how one sided the poll will be

Damn you when i read the title i had the same response as you but i am too late to post it 1st!!!

was gonna vote no, but I can't lie on the Internet

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anyone can be an ass hole? even you!

it's just how you approach wht ever the situation may be. for you to make this thread in website issues. you must think yourself a menace. and that my friend you are not.

hell i like being (off the site of course) an asshole. it yields results. or, it puts those who you don't care much for off, if that's the results you desire.

or you can be an asshole and hurt peoples feelings, pissing them off, ensureing they never speak to you again.

now that's my fav. part of being an asshole.



Never had a problem with you and no i dont think you are. I say tell people what you think and show them how you really feel. So many people hide how they feel and appear as a bunch of fake people. It is annoying. People will either like me or hate me but I will be me. Every once and a while someone will call me arrogant while others tell me I have a lot of confidence. I'm confident and i dont need to have some fake attitude to appear as if Im not. If I like someone I'll tell them, when I'm wrong ill admit to it but when someone pisses me off ill let them know that too. no reason to hide it really.

I don't know you, but I hope you are. Nice people are boring.

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Nope but I voted yes!

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