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How many units to be sold for Vita 2013

Under 4mil 157 26.88%
4mil+ 69 11.82%
5mil+ 76 13.01%
6mil+ 79 13.53%
7mil+ 56 9.59%
8mil+ 44 7.53%
9mil+ 19 3.25%
10mil+ 35 5.99%
12mil+ 9 1.54%
15mil+ 40 6.85%

This is for all those who care about Vita and want to see what others are predicting. Vita didn't have a terrible year but it wasn't good. 3 Weeks left intill the end of the year and vita is just under 4mil and will pass the mark most likely next week.

Next year must and will be a good year for Sony (pricecuts/better library/etc) so say how many units will be sold and why! A game? A Bundle? Be detailed!

Hope your predictions come true!

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I think it will pick il a bit. 5-6 million next year. Bigger games, price change, and other things. Plus if Nintendo continues to release nothing for the 3DS it could help the vita even more. I will not go past 7 million though.

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I predict 4.8million as the lowest with it averaging 100k per week.
If it somehow manages to do 150k per week then I'd say 7.2million and that would be the highest it could go IMO unless something HUGE happens which is unlikely.

kitler53 said:

Sooo in other words discontinue??? Harsh

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So even with a price drop and for memory price drop and a better library not over 8mil+?

It sold less than 4M this year, so I'll guess less than 5M next year.

If there is a price drop, however, sales could double from this year and see upwards of 6-7M.

I voted 7m, but this is pretty much impossible to guess. The near future is filled with strong PSP releases in Japan. As long as that continues, numbers for the Vita are going to be low. If they got those types of games on the Vita, however, we'd see a boost. I also have no idea if Soul Sacrifice is going to push hardware or not, either.

TGS is going to be very important for the Vita one way or another. E3 might be, as well, if they have another Assassin's Creed: Liberation level game. I really have no idea what the end of the year is going to be like.

Kudos to the one person so far to say 15mil but why??? Explain Yourself!!!