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Considering how fantastic Xenoblade was, I'd say they are on the right path.

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A few bugs and glitches is a well worthy trade for what bethesda achieve in Skyrim. People should really put things into context, have any of you seen a game of Skyrim's scale and openness which doesnt have bugs? Unless you want them to do a year of debugging and QA I think its unrealstic to expect such games to be completely glitch free.

Anyways I'm exciting for this project. I still haven't played xenoblade yet but I'm hoping to pick it up alongside my wii U in the summer.

Netyaroze said:
Combine that with the unusual japanese fantasy and ....

...let me finish that, they will flop, unless they have MASSIVE advertasing campaign, like FF has (or use to had). If they want to succeed in west they have to make games for western audience - you can't take Bethesda, which makes definiton of WRPG in modern sense, as an example, and hope to achieve the same (or near  same) level of success with japanese styled game (yes, Xenoblade is a great game, but it sold 800k in total). That's why I think From Software (Souls IPs) is one of Japanese developers that is on the right track, their games (though still niche) are very well suited to west with their dark tone and themes (albeit maybe bit too dark for mainstream).

Seems as if Monolith is already 2/3 of the way there, since Xenoblade is roughly 2/3 the size of Oblivion/Skyrim in square mileage. Though Xenoblade is probably more vertical than Skyrim, which is saying something.

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hope not, i hate bethseda.

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In my opinion Monolith is better than Bethesda.

I think Bethesda should be more like Monolith and have a deeper plot.

But I think Xenoblade is what an RPG should be. An open world with lots of sidequests like a wRPG. But, structured plot and character development like a jRPG. I also like jRPG character designs and environments. I don't know how Bethesda does it, but they manage to make the ugliest video game characters ever.

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I take two things from this, one that they want their game to "wow" people, and the other that they want worldwide recognition. This pleases me. I hope the game is a graphical beast, and that it gets a good worldwide push by Nintendo. I thought Nintendo really dropped the ball on Xenoblade in the west. This game, whatever it is, should get a western push like Sony gave FF7.

I said it few times in the thread, but I'll let the pictures do the talking. Without going into what is better, and who likes what the most, this is what western Skyrim audience expects:


And this is what's offered from Monolith Soft:


Both Japanese companies, but one obviously aware of what West mostly wants out of their RPGs, while still preserving authenticity compared to western developers. As I said, I'm not saying one is better than the other, but if you want to be like Bethesda, you better take a look at what some of your countrymen are doing.

Busted said:
A lot of you missed the point -_-

Enlighten us then please =)

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