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Welp, it looks like vita has survived for a full year.

Its price point only dropped a bit for holidays, and as of two weeks ago, has outsold the 3ds pre price drop. 

It's  debateable, but according to the timelines, both did most of their sales outside of holidays at the higher price point. 3DS launching in Feb 2011 and price dropping in august, and vita releasing last couple weeks of xmas only in japan, releasing ww in late February, and matching the sales right on black friday (160k week).

I say it's debateable because there's debateable issues such as "does a launch during last couple weeks of xmas in japan only really count as holiday" and "does 160k on black friday really vount given the increase was minimal".

Either way, what is important is that Sony managed to hold out, and may likely hold out until late summer depending on the numbers this december and sales when the winter lineup is released.

For reference, WW, it took sony 9 months exactly to sell what 3ds did in 5.

Doesn't look all that grim anymore does it?

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Very good points. Can't wait to see what a 170 vita can do versus a 170 3DS.

I cant wait to get a Vita next year...hopefully the price gets lowered so I dont get duped into a Ambassador like program l0l.

I sure hope the memory card prices go down though....

Software library is fine, there's more games on the Vita that I want than on the 3DS at the moment (at least from when I last checked or they might even who knows).

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I'm a little confused here, to be honest, by the thread title and the OP. What are we talking about, exactly?

The problem is once PS4/720 release, the Vita is going to start to look much less impressive techwise. Will PS4/Vita ports even be possible like with how Sony is doing with PS3/Vita? Studios are going to be split so thin with all the new hardware, I can see Vita being left behind, much like PSP was once PS3 was released.

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Yeah, good point!
But yeah Sony should decrease the price of the memory cards.
I payed 45 for my 16 gig one.

I hope it sells well and we get some nice western/japanese games.
And of course : Sony Ips. GT was on Psp, God of War was on Psp, where are you Sony?

Izo said:
Very good points. Can't wait to see what a 170 vita can do versus a 170 3DS.

It could ruin Sony - with good sales.

But anyways, I'm happy for the Vita, that it manages some stability. I like the hardware, but so far to few games appeal to me. If it would die now, I would never buy one, but if it can survive it may have later on enough interesting games to justify a buy.

 So I wish Vita all luck.

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Veknoid_Outcast said:
I'm a little confused here, to be honest, by the thread title and the OP. What are we talking about, exactly?

Outlasted in terms of when a official price cut was implemented comparing from one system to another.

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Sony will be running gaikai, and with vita/ps3 linked accounts you'll likely be able to stream ps4 games through the vita.

Funny use of numbers to paint a better picture. It is bad, very bad if you take into account what happened after 5 months. To be honest, the only hope the Vita has is that Assassins creed liberation is doing well.

But, it doesnt change the fact that even with a price-cut things mightnot improve much because you always have to add the memory card price to that. The system should never have used such expensive tech has it has. Totally disconnected from the real economy.