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Google Predicts Xbox 720 Will Crush PS4

They say knowledge is power, and when it comes to knowledge, Google has no rival in the private sector except for maybe Facebook. Google knows more about all of us than we can possibly imagine. Imagine warehouses full of servers, replete with databases storing every keystroke you make, phone call you make, and place you might go. Only the NSA (National Security Agency) has the capability to gather more information. But the NSA doesn’t care about you or I. At least not what we do. They have a different mandate. Google’s mandate, however, is different and it would probably shock you to hear that it’s not just money.

Google’s algorithms are so complex, far reaching, and ever evolving that they have the capability to collapse our entire collective consciousness into one simple set of ideas.

It knows what we want, and what we will want. Ever notice when you start keying in for a Google search, the “Google Predict” feature kicks in.

But Google is not as secretive as Facebook or say, the NSA. In fact, Google is so consumer friendly that it provides you with all the tools it can conjure up to help you.

Google organized the internet…. let me say that again… GOOGLE…ORGANIZED THE INTERNET. But enough about Google and their information gathering prowess. Let’s discuss how they’re predicting the winner of the Next Gen Console War.

Statistically, in the U.S. the aptly named new Xbox, the Xbox  720, is searched for considerably more than the PS4.

In the last 11 months, searches for information on the new Xbox has overwhelmed searches for PS4 or Playstation 4. Looking closely at how both future consoles stand in the eyes of the world, now remember, (The PS4 is essentially Japanese, Asian, while the Xbox is American), the anticipated American muscle machine crunches the import

If we narrow our search to the U.S. population, the gap widens even more.

I know what you’re thinking. We did some additional research into Google’s track record and found that consistently, Google Trends accurately predicted the winner of competing devices. Our most notable find was Google’s prediction that Blu-Ray Movies would win and beat HD-Movies. That graph depicted below shows how the Xbox 720 (In Red) is separating itself more and more as time goes on. We suggest you take a look at Google Trends and compare Xbox 720 and PS4, and select the “Forecast” feature. The results, if you don’t believe us by now, will shock you.


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I think Google's right.

Google trends is useful and accurate, but must be taken within reason and context. I use it all the time, but you need to know how. For example, XBox360 got many more searches than Wii and PS3, but less sales thn Wii and only slightly more than PS3. Part of the issue may be that XBox targets the english-speaking western demographic that Google dominates, but there are many factors.

If you want to use this accurately, what you would do is first set a baseline. Look at searches for 360, Wii and PS3. Link that with their associated sales. Then compare that with searches for the new systems, and set a proportionate increase/decrease for the next gen. This would not be fool proof at all, but it could give you an indicator of where things may be going. I think it's skewed a bit to the "educated buyer", the one that does a lot of research. But it would be interesting.

Pretty obvious the 360 will do better than the PS3 in the US, I'm pretty sure it will as well..you dont need a search engine telling you that lol. Searches from the West for the next Xbox is obvious as the demographic in the west has shown interest in the Xbox brand more than the Playstation brand.

However worldwide I dont think it will "crush" it, will it have a bigger marketshare? Possibly.

Anyways, I'm hoping I'll be financially stable enough to afford all future game systems by that time ;p

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I think google is talking only about the US (despite clayming a worldwide chart).  Playstation is more popular in Europe (probably UK beeing the exception due to US influence) and Japan. I think theres no denying that.

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hmmm..can't really argue with Google lol

but I'll disagree with them worldwide though..Sony seems to be very aggressive with spreading their console to new markets. now that Sony is able to sell their PS3 in China, it might make a great gateway to the PS4 being successful.

What did Google predict about the PS3, 360 and the Wii?

This is cool stuff, but hardly a certainty.

Google should make a console! That stated, they are pretty accurate, though there is no constant in the gaming industry and it is forever evolving. I will wait and see!

arcane_chaos said:
hmmm..can't really argue with Google lol

but I'll disagree with them worldwide though..Sony seems to be very aggressive with spreading their console to new markets. now that Sony is able to sell their PS3 in China, it might make a great gateway to the PS4 being successful.

I'm not entirely sure how the results are made with the worldwide part to be honest.  But Xbox and Wii are already in china so it wont be that helpful to sony being there either unless china makes some drastic changes between now and next gen.

Hopefully all three are successful though.

You need to include all the names for this to have credibility. Like 720, Orbis, Durango, PS3 sucessor, etc.

This also only measures the people who are interested enough to google it.